New book available on Amazon (escape drama)

I recently finished a novel, (link follows) TRAIL OF FEARS, about the Rohingya expulsion in 2017. The story features a woman whose village is destroyed by the Myanmar Army and by the angry mobs that followed in the Army’s wake. She and her children embark on a perilous week-long trek to the border with Bangladesh and across to safety. The link is to the USA Amazon but other Amazons (Canada, UK, France, Japan etc.) have it.



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Adirondack lake

This is Mud Lake, the first of at least one more with the same name. Beautiful in the late afternoon and a good spot to relax and possibly spend the night, as the person with the tent has decided to do.

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Kutupalong-Balukhali Camp, Bangladesh

The result of ethnic cleansing on a massive scale. World’s largest refugee camp. This camp is now home to over 560,000 Rohingya people.

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The Meseta

This photo is from my new photo book Devotional Trails: Spaces and solitude along Spanish pilgrimage routes. It is both inside and used as a cover photo. This one, like most I took, were taken while walking with a rucksack on my back. The Meseta is a long flat stretch of plains that goes roughly from Burgos to Astorga, if one is walking the Camino Frances pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostela. Because I started in April there were fewer peregrinos (pilgrims) like myself so there were more quiet moments. In summer the Camino tends to be packed with 1000s making their way west to Santiago.

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New Book

In April and March of 2017, I walked from St. Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela and after that to the Atlantic at Finisterre (the end of the earth). This was along the Camino France and Camino Fisterra pilgrimage rote that have been in existence for over 1000 years. The weather was great (except for a day of snow and hail) and the chance to walk through small villages with atmospheric Romanesque churches was highly rewarding. I made a photo book a few months after and put it on Blurb. The title is Devotional Trails: Spaces and solitude along Spanish pilgrimage trails.

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Getting above the tree line

In 2016 I walked from the Vermont/Canadian border to Rutland and then over to Hanover, New Hampshire. The first 8 days or so it rained heavily but once the weather improved the views were superb.

Blue sky and Green Mountains in Vermont

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In the Boreal Forest

At this point, in October 2015, I was less than 15 miles from the end of a 2189.2 mile, Appalachian Trail thru hike that began 6 months before on Springer Mountain in Northern Georgia. The desire to get to the end was tempered by the beauty of a rare flat section in what seemed like an enchanted forest in Baxter State Park, Maine.


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Reflecting on tragedy


It’s been just over 10 years since the 2004 tsunami destroyed much of the Indonesian city of Banda Aceh, located in northern Sumatra, and killed 10s of thousands within the city limits alone. One place to reflect upon such an immense and catastrophic natural disaster is at the the Tsunami Museum in the city. Incorporated within the design is a refuge should the sea waters rise again.

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Signs of the times

Myanmar has undergone big changes in recent years. While some will argue over the amount of political space created and whether that has been sufficient, there is no doubting that commercial activity has picked up significantly—a trend very much evident in the larger cities. One sees a lot of billboards and other sign types advertising this and that product or service, like these shown here in Yangon. If such enticements come to dominate the roadways and buildings too much some may see them as a blight, but for now the advertisements offer insights into local aspirations and other concerns.

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Off to the races

Have to start the blog posting stuff somewhere, so here is a picture of the little chap who oversaw the website creation part. He also provided many creative ideas about design and other details and was well paid in biscuits. Goes by the name of Buckley.


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